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Dave Pagano, FASIC

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d.d. Pagano, Inc.

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Professional Design Office


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4705 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, California South 92869
United States

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Specialties and Projects

Athletic Fields/Complexes
  • Los Alamitos High School Athletic Fields, Los Alamitos Unified School District, Los Alamitos, California
  • Costa Mesa High School Athletic Fields, Newport Mesa Unified School District, Costa Mesa, California
  • South Region High School #12, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, California
  • Shanghai Disney Resort Theme Park, Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park, Hong China, China
  • Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park, Anaheim, California
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida
  • LEGOLAND, Carlsbad, California
  • UCLA Northwest Campus Student Housing, Sproul Complex & West Residence Hall, Los Angeles, California
  • Union City Transit Oriented Development, East Plaza, Union City, California
  • South Region High School #12, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, California
Community Development/Master Planning
  • Santa Monica Civic Center Parks, Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square, Santa Monica California
  • Jeffrey Open Space Trail, Segments 1, 2 and 3, Irvine California
  • Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), Anaheim, California
Housing Development/Residential
  • Orchard Hills Planning Area 1, Neighborhood 1, Phases 2 and 3, Irvine, California
  • Los Olivos Apartment Village, Irvine, California
  • Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Water Management/Resource Assessment
  • Landscape Water Conservation Study Project, Irvine Ranch Water District, Irvine, California



Dave Pagano, a nationally recognized expert in irrigation design and a leader in providing comprehensive water management services.  Mr. Pagano has over 50 years’ experience in this field and was an appointee to the Orange County Water Conservation Task Force, an advisory group directed by the Board of Supervisors to develop water conservation policy/ordinance for the County of Orange.  Dave was also a part of the committee reviewing the latest State of California “Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance” Assembly Bill 1881 for the County of Orange and the Orange County League of Cities.  Under his leadership, the firm has provided comprehensive water management and irrigation system master plans for Disney theme parks all over the world, as well as for the PGA West 5,000 unit, 1,400 acre golf community, the 5,000 acre Rancho Santa Margarita community, Shady Canyon (2000 acres) residential project in Irvine, California as well as several hotel and resort projects.

Irrigation designs prepared under Dave’s leadership include irrigation practices that are necessary to sustain the landscapes while ensuring that the irrigation and drainage do not degrade the quality of the surrounding land, water, wildlife habitat and other natural resources.  Dave’s design philosophy ensures that proper irrigation system design will set the standard needed to apply irrigation water efficiency while enabling irrigation water managers to minimize water losses during delivery and its application to landscape.  Irrigation designs prepared by Dave and his staff ensure sustainability by using the latest irrigation technologies available. Some of these technologies are the basis for the creation of Irrigation schedules that consider soil moisture and the plant’s water needs to ensure that only the amount of water required by the plant material is applied to the landscape. Mr. Pagano believes that good irrigation design and irrigation managements practices will help sustain the downstream environment by minimizing its damage and the protection of downstream waterways.

In 1994 Dave Pagano was elevated by ASIC to the status of Fellow.


Company Information

d.d. Pagano, Inc. Irrigation Consultants has provided professional services for over forty four years in development and research in the field of irrigation. Irrigation design development, product research and testing, water conservation analysis, system analysis and construction methods are only a few of the services that make d.d. Pagano Inc. Irrigation Consultants a recognized leader in the field of irrigation consulting. This knowledge and experience is reflected in all irrigation designs – designs which are geared to provide the end user with the most efficient, innovative and cost-effective irrigation system possible.

d.d. Pagano, Inc. Irrigation Consultants has provided expertise in the field of irrigation design and consultation for a variety of projects with special interest in the design of resorts, residential communities and commercial developments. d.d. Pagano, Inc. Irrigation Consultants has worked closely with many communities and commercial developers to determine the specific irrigation needs of each development, as well as long term maintenance requirements. Information has been compiled in order to help develop irrigation design and construction criteria compatible with the environmental conditions of various resort/commercial projects. In addition to design and consultation work for resort/commercial projects, the firm has provided design and consultation work for mitigation of plant restoration and wildlife habitat areas. All projects draw upon a variety of irrigation design concepts and methods to meet every need.

d.d. Pagano, Inc. Irrigation Consultants provides sustainable irrigation design to ensure that irrigation systems installed in the landscape can be operated and maintained with the water conservation practices that contribute to the landscape’s sustainability.  Sustainability can be achieved through innovative irrigation design, construction and application.

d.d. Pagano, Inc. has provided irrigation consulting services across the United States as well as the Disneyland Theme Park in Hong Kong, China and the Disney Resort Theme Park in Shanghai, China.