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Featured Partner Product Releases


Every landscape has elements that wear on your spray heads over time—from sand and grit to high water pressure and harmful chemicals in reclaimed water.  RD1800™ was designed with these incredibly harsh conditions in mind. As the next evolution in spray heads from Rain Bird—the industry leader in sprays—RD1800 was built with exclusive materials and features that stand up to the challenges of any setting (see Features in the below link or more information about what sets the RD1800 apart).

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TORO: TS170 Series

Whether natural turf or synthetic, a professional sports field or municipal park, Toro Sports fields and grounds sprinklers are the ideal solution for the unique needs and challenges presented by large turf areas.

TS170 Series long radius rotors are the optimal solution for cooling and washing large synthetic turf fields. Capable of achieving a throw of 177 feet, TS170 rotors can be installed along the perimeter of the playing surface to help preserve player safety and maintain field aesthetics.

TS120 Series Impact Sprinklers are capable of long-range throws up to 125 feet, making them well suited to meet the needs of both synthetic and natural turf sports fields. The TS120 can be configured with a factory-installed TurfCup™ to seamlessly blend the sprinkler into natural turf surfaces and preserve aesthetics. A wide assortment of low maintenance, nozzle options and heavy duty construction, help to preserve playability, turf health and optimum water use.

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Baseline debuted new functionalities for the BaseStation 3200, SubStation and FlowStation products allowing these devices to network together in the cloud via cellular modems.

Historically, Baseline required a Local Area Network (LAN) to allow communication between a BaseStation 3200, a SubStation, and/or a FlowStation. Some issues with this solution are that LANs can be difficult to set up, they may require complicated radio surveys, they may need to involve the IT Department, and the hardware costs can rack-up quickly.

With this new release, Baseline’s cloud networking will make the set-up process much faster and allows you to use cellular modems for SubStation and FlowStation networking.

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