Certified Professional Irrigation Consultant (CPIC)

The certification program offered by the American Society of Irrigation Consultants aims to showcase individuals’ expertise, technical prowess, and professionalism in the field of irrigation design and consultation. Attaining certification involves successfully completing an exam, signifying a significant achievement in one’s career. This accomplishment catalyzes ongoing learning and development, motivating individuals to stay competitive in an evolving industry by pursuing further practical experience and education.


Expertise Validation

Expertise validation boosts confidence, credibility, and trust, affirming competency and proficiency in delivering high-quality solutions and services.

Career Advancement

Earning certification amplifies career progression by validating skills, expanding opportunities, and enhancing credibility, fostering accelerated professional development and success.

Professional Credibility

Professional credibility opens doors, builds trust, and propels career growth, creating opportunities for collaboration, recognition, and sustained success.


Enhanced marketability broadens opportunities, attracts clients or employers, and propels career success through increased visibility and competitive advantage.

About the Program

The Certified Professional Irrigation Consultant is an individual with demonstrated expertise in the following irrigation related topics:

Construction documents

Bidding Administration

Construction Observation

Master Planning

System Management

Existing System Evaluation

Business Management

Candidate Eligibility


To apply to the Certified Professional Irrigation Consultant program, candidates must meet the minimum requirements of an ASIC Professional Irrigation Consultant plus two additional years’ experience as an independent consultant and hold Current Certified Irrigation Designer status, in good standing, as granted by the Irrigation Association.


Exam and Application


Exam Pricing

Application $0
ASIC Member $600
Non-Member $1,000
ASIC Member Retake $400
Non-Member Retake $800

Application Process

1. The candidate must submit a completed application.

2. The candidate must register for the exam using the exam registration form.

3. The candidate will receive an invoice for the appropriate fees, via email, that can be paid by credit card or check. 

*All application process steps must be completed at least 14 days before the exam date. Please refer to the CPIC Handbook for complete information.

Upcoming CPIC Exam

Fairmont Empress Hotel, 2024 Conference

Exam Time: May 4th, 2024, 1:00 PM PT (local time)




For a comprehensive understanding, refer to the CPIC Handbook, offering detailed information, guidelines, and insights on the certification, requirements, and process.


The certified individual can submit CEUs at any time during the year.  Submit CEU forms to the Certification Committee by email at certification@asic.org.


Individuals can submit a reinstatement application to the Certification Committee at certification@asic.org



All complaints will be reviewed by the ASIC Certification Committee.