The Executive Committee is made up of the following Officers: President, Vice President (President-Elect), Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. Officers hold office for a two-year term. Refer to the Bylaws for additional information regarding the duties and obligations of the Executive Committee. 

Stacy Gardner

Irrigation Consulting, Inc.

Term Expires: 2022


I grew up around golf and worked on golf courses when I became old enough. This was back in the day when I would accompany a plumber to repair pipe breaks, valves and heads in a normally open hydraulic irrigation system. The irrigation business has come a long way since.

I have more than 35 years of irrigation experience in both golf and landscape irrigation design and the most gratifying part of any job is when I see it all working properly. My work in golf irrigation design and layout, pump system design, and electrical system design demands knowing the latest developments.

ASIC offers cutting-edge education for topics and issues our members face, through its conferences, website and membership. We help each other whenever we can. We are ambitious professionals working hard to stay at the forefront of irrigation. By better defining ourselves and creating bridges with other industries and organizations, we can use our expertise to shape the irrigation industry.

We all have to be involved to forge our professional future – or others will step forward and do it for us. That means continually educating ourselves and the public about the value and virtues of water in the landscape. ASIC can improve your people, your practices and your profitability.

Vice President

I started my career in the landscape/irrigation industry in 1975 when I worked for my husband’s landscape contracting company. I did the bookkeeping and helped with some field work. He opened a landscape design company in 1986, at which time I started designing his irrigation plans and drafting the landscape plans. All of our drafting was done by hand back then. In 1990 (at the height of the recession), our business was not doing well and I decided to look for an outside job. Ann Runley asked me if I would be interested in working for her irrigation design company (Brookwater) which she started in 1987. As the recession was not improving, we decided to relocate to Tucson Arizona where my husbands family is from. I worked for a non-profit company and then for a mechanical company doing cost estimating. After returning back to California in 1994, Ann asked if I would like to come back to work for her. From then on I was hooked! I fell in love with all aspects of irrigation design. Ann has taught me so much over the last 20 years. I am so grateful to have landed into this great career. I am now in the process of purchasing the company from Ann, who will be retiring.

I received my IA certification as an Irrigation Designer (CID) in 2008 and as a landscape water auditor (CLIA) in 2010. I am also on the Horticultural Board for Diablo Valley Community College.

When I decided to join ASIC in 2010, little did I know how involved I would become in the industry and the organization. I am the current President of the ASIC Northern California Chapter, a board member on the National Board, and am currently working on several committees.

Janet Luehrs

Brookwater, Inc.

Term Expires: 2022

Carey June

Irrigation Consultant Services, Inc.

Term Expires: 2022


I have been with Irrigation Consultant Services, Inc. since 1998. I began working as an Irrigation Consultant with ICS after earning my Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Georgia.  Since that time, I have served the roles of designer, planner and project manager. I have worked on projects throughout the world ranging from small-scale commercial projects to large scale international campus-wide/city-wide planning and design projects.

I have been serving on the Board of Directors for ASIC since 2014.  My focus has been to influence the continued evolution of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants. My objective is that the ASIC not only keep moving in a direction that shapes the environment within which we work, but also continues to be an organization that helps its members move forward through collaboration, education and advocacy.

Developing a certification program for Professional Irrigation Consultants has been a top priority for ASIC for several years.  The first phase of the work, job analysis, has been completed and work is underway developing legally defensible exam items.  As chair of the certification committee, I and the other committee members are fully committed to seeing our certification program becoming a reality.


My initiation into the irrigation sphere was very practical.  It came as I found myself working as an enthusiastic, albeit irrigation unknowing, university summer student where I helped operate and maintain to a very basic irrigation system while taking my turn as the night waterer.  Having quickly realized I knew quite little about the microcosm of “golf course irrigation”—thus the unknowing—I also felt there was an opportunity to continue learning which would lead my to working in the irrigation consulting business some 30 years later.

Realizing that maybe night watering was not for me, I continued to work directly in the golf course sector for 11 years at which point I switched to working for irrigation distributor in Ontario for four more years until forming, with a partner, an independent irrigation consulting firm based in the Greater Toronto Region in 2004. As an independent irrigation consultant, I have continued to design and provide irrigation guidance and services for primarily the golf course and thoroughbred racing industries all the while trying to continue to learn and provide current and relevant advice in an environment where the judicious use of water resources is becoming ever so important.

Having joined ASIC as member and eventually progressing to serve on its Board of Directors, I feel the organization has functions on a practical level as an incredible resource for not only continuing my education on the “hard” skills required of the profession. Furthermore, ASIC provides a formative opportunity to develop the profession’s softer skills through direct interaction with other members and affiliates

While “not advertised” when joining ASIC, these interactions with wide array of other members and affiliates both within and in orbit of the ASIC organization provide an unique forum where I am able to develop the profession’s “softer” skills through access to a “wide net” of critique of both prevailing thoughts and practices resulting in substantive profession development and ongoing friendships.

Timothy Fredericks

Fredericks McGuire Ltd.

Term Expires: 2022

Michael Krones

Hydro Designs, Inc.

Term Expires: 2022

Past President

I took the same path to serendipity in finding my place in the irrigation profession. After earning my Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering in 1989 I took a temporary assignment at a local turf and irrigation equipment store while looking for a “real job.” There, I re-wired controllers, serviced pump stations and dabbled in irrigation design. Within months I had enough clients to call myself an irrigation consultant! I incorporated my irrigation consulting firm, Hydro Designs, in 1992 and went on to develop a vision, defining the company as a landscape water management consulting firm—not simply an irrigation design company. This philosophy parallels the mission statement of ASIC, making my role on the executive committee an easy and natural place to be.

I believe the future of ASIC is in continuing to educate the public and encourage the judicious use of water in the landscape. We need to reach owners, operators and associated design professionals with the message that ASIC Professionals embody the expertise and the commitment to help maintain a strong and healthy water supply. I hope to leave a positive mark on the organization through my efforts in finding ways to expand the reach of our collective message.

I first joined ASIC over twenty years ago. I saw ASIC as an ideal pathway for my continued professional growth and a way to give back to the profession. I have especially enjoyed the many opportunities to interact with other committed irrigation consultants—both professionally and socially. ASIC, with its outstanding roster of members, continues to be an excellent resource for me.

BOARD of Directors

The Board of Directors serve for a three year term, and includes representatives from our Commercial and Professional Memberships.  Refer to the Bylaws for additional information regarding the duties and obligations of the Board.

Jim Laiche

The Toro Company

Term Expires: 2022

Lisa Rienstra

Baseline, a Hydropoint Company

Term Expires: 2022

David Langendorff

ISC Group, Inc.

Term Expires: 2023

Rick Clelan

Ewing Irrigation

Term Expires: 2023

Geoffrey Graber

Graber & Associates, LLC

Term Expires: 2024

Lance Sweeney

Sweeney & Associates, Inc.

Term Expires: 2024

Julie Zigler

Hunter Industries

Term Expires: 2024