Volunteer Committees

Working on committees has given me the opportunity to learn more about irrigation issues on a national rather than regional scale. I have also developed new friendships and personal resources that I know will serve me well going forward. Making the time to give back to the industry was really making time to advance my own career.

Janet Luehrs, Brookwater Irrigation

An Asic Volunteer will


 Time and expertise to further the goals of ASIC and the irrigation industry. 


Ideas,  information and valuable partnerships with their fellow professionals


Professional skills as well as create valuable, long-lasting friendships

Advisory Action


Tasked with reviewing specific issues and advising the Board of Directors on future action,  these committees are the “think tanks” to ensure ASIC is on the right path for its members, and that it remains on track for meeting the Society’s long range goals consistent with the Strategic Plan.  The committees make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and then may be further tasked with implementing the recommendations.



Tasked with the planning and implementing of specific ASIC events,  the committees work under the oversight, but not the direction of the Board of Directors. These committees are often the hardest working, with weekly or bi-weekly meetings to plan all the event details for the annual National and/or Regional Conferences and for the National Collegiate Landscape Competition.



Tasked with making recommendations to the Board of Directors for:  ASIC Award recipients; Board of Directors members and Fellowship Honors,  the work of these committees is gratifying in that they identify those that deserve special recognition or are targeted for future leadership roles in the organization.

Join a Committee

Volunteer your time and expertise to further the goals of ASIC while networking with fellow professionals and giving back to our industry.