Watertronics: WaterVision Remote Telemetry

Product: WaterVision Remote Telemetry

WaterVision telemetry is a powerful water management tool offering a suite of products to monitor and control your pump system remotely.

WaterVision Cloud: Get to the cloud via our ready to-go cell service or your own ethernet signal to access the full features of WaterVision, including “anywhere” access, dynamic integration with irrigation central controls and a mobile app for a true next-level monitor and control experience.

WaterVision Cloud Lite: Empower any existing equipment with up to 8 activities to monitor and track via cell modem direct to the cloud.

WaterVision PC: Load our software on your local irrigation central control PC for powerful monitoring features and integrated, 2-way communication to optimize your systems water management.

WaterVision Heartbeat: Allows remote equipment monitoring and control with fail-safe built in. Utilizing only a cellular connection and no radios or hardwire, the heartbeat feature is ideal for situations without line of site.

  • Native app provides a comprehensive dashboard view of the most important pump station operations. • Receive text/email alerts for alarm conditions, water level, and pump status.
  • Monitor power consumption to optimize system efficiencies.
  • Build water usage reports to meet compliance requirements.
  • Cloud-based remote control with fail-safe feature.
  • Dynamic integration with irrigation central controls.

Watch it in action at: YouTube.com/Watertronicsinc