SUPERIOR SPVLF Commercial Plastic Valve


Superior Introduces SPVLF Commercial Plastic Valve

  • Irrigation Association’s “New Product Contest” winner
  • Lowest pressure loss
  • Widest flow range

Superior announces the release of the SPVLF commercial plastic valve. SPVLF is engineered to ensure consistent and reliable operation regardless of system or zone flow rate. Featuring a patented 3-way solenoid design, SPVLF ensures reliable opening and closing with flow rates as low as .01 GPH.  The valve operates with exceptionally low pressure loss characteristics, which allows for maximum system capacity.  SPVLF is designed to function as a zone valve or master valve for full flow, low flow, and extreme low flow conditions.

Available in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” sizes, SPVLF is the complete solution for your irrigation system design needs.

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