Product: ESP-LXME2 and ESP-LXME2 PRO Traditionally Wired Controller

The ESP-LXME2 and LXME2 PRO are Rain Bird’s newest additions to traditionally wired controllers for commercial applications. ESP-LXME2 controllers feature highly requested features and improvements. A class leading backlit display and illuminated soft key interface makes the ESP-LXME2 easy to use in any lighting condition. Rain Bird’s classic dial interface is simpler and clearer than ever for easy navigation of menus and settings. The ESP-LXME2 features support for up to 48 stations, and 40 programs with 10 start times each for ultimate flexibility. Added Copy and Paste functionality allows users to program multiple similar zones quickly. The ESP-LXME2 PRO model adds support for flow sensing, as well as a secondary master valve for booster pump control, enabling selective operation of a pump to activate only when needed.