Bolingo Children’s Care Village

Larry Cammarata, Certified Consultants, Ltd, is an irrigation consultant as well as an ordained minister deeply immersed in missionary work. He is frequently tapped by non-profit organizations to lend his expertise to needy projects around the world. Larry and his son Dominic, recently returned from a ten-day trip to the Dominican Republic of the Congo, Africa, where the Global Orphan Foundation is building the Bolingo Children’s Care Village. The village will be comprised of sixteen homes, a clinic, and a supporting farm operation. The DR Congo has a tremendous need for such a facility as the DR Congo has the highest orphan population in the world.
Larry and Dominic were enlisted to assist in the design of a rainwater collection system, a compost facility, water purification towers, and agricultural irrigation. Rainwater is collected off the 16 homes and channeled to an above ground 10,000-gallon tank and biological purification system.  The water is then harvested for resident drinking water and bathing, and as a water source for drip irrigation on the agricultural fields. A compost facility is being developed to add biological life to the soils. 
Larry and Dominic are back in Indianapolis but continue to work on the design and will be returning to the site as the work progresses.