2024 — Inge Bisconer

Inge Bisconer

Winner of the Ivy Munion Langendorff Women In Irrigation Award for 2024

In her forty plus years in the industry, Inge Bisconer has left her mark in many significant ways. She is recognized as an expert in micro-irrigation and has been unfailingly generous in sharing that knowledge and expertise. Always the advocate for sustainability and improved water and resource use efficiency, she has been a leader in helping agriculture growers improve profitability through better technology and management. Inge’s numerous outreach efforts affected positive change at local, national, and global levels. She has been a developer of key educational materials and, most recently, is co-developing a software program that monetizes the benefit of efficient irrigation and then estimates the potential return on investment.

In Bisconer’s current role as President of the Irrigation Association, she hopes to encourage the next generation of leaders to provide much-needed energy and ideas. Coupled with the wisdom of the veterans, she believes there is nothing we cannot do. She is also a champion for developing a more diverse demographic in our industry. She knows we need the collective effort of everyone to solve the many challenges we face.

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