2023 Winner: Confidential Warehouse Project

Confidential Warehouse Project

Victorville, CA – Merit Award, Commercial and Public Works – Large Projects


Chris Curry, Glasir Design


  • This confidential warehouse project is a large 71.4-acre site in the City of Victorville, California
  • The project was required to be split between On-site private irrigation system (3) Points of Connection (POCs) and Off-site city-maintained right-of-way irrigation system (2) POCs
  • Bidding/Construction Plans
  • Coordination with the City, Civil, Manufacturers, and Electrical Engineer
  • Review of Requests for Information from bidding contractors (RFIs)
  • Review of irrigation equipment submittals by the awarded contractor
  • Construction Observations, Preconstruction Meeting, Mainline Pressure Test/Valve location review, Coverage Test, and Pre-Maintenance walk/punch list
  • The IC was challenged by the Owner to use only one manufacturer, and design within a very tight budget
    • The IC had to move away from the traditional design of (1) Controller per water POC and therefore, the On-site Irrigation utilizes (1) 2-wire controller connected to the (3) On-site water POCs
  •  Coordination with the City of Victorville for their Off-site right-of-way was…interesting
    •  The City requested (2) water POCs both with their own controller
    •  The City approved the 2-wire controller that was specified for the On-site work and will be utilizing the 2-wire flexibility in the future to irrigate City maintained medians

On-site controller (3) legs of 2-wire communication cable, color coded for the (3) Water POCs

Typical drip valve installation




Area receiving point source drip emitter




Area receiving in-line emitter drip irrigation.

Solar powered controller and water POC. Top-entry box is the controller, front entry is the battery back-up