2023 Winner: Baha Mar Resort

Baha Mar Resort

New Providence, Bahamas – Honor Award, Commercial and Public Works – Large Projects


Michael Prevost, Prevost Stamper, Inc.


  • Consultant has been involved with the design and construction administration of the irrigation systems at the 265-acre Baha Mar Resort in New Providence, Bahamas for twelve years
  • All irrigation is supplied by a central pump station location and distribution pipe system designed by the Consultant
  • Each irrigation system is controlled by a weather-based central control system with flow sensing and water management equipment
  • Phase I – Master Planning
  • Phase II – Irrigation Pumps and Distribution System
  • Phase III – 1.8 miles of new roadway irrigation construction documents
  • Phase IV – 135-acre Golf course irrigation system
  • Phase V – 130-acre Resort development
  • Phase VI – 11-acre Water Park expansion
  • Work in the Caribbean is unique and often requires problem-solving beyond traditional irrigation design and layout
  • The Consultant successfully delivered six phases of large-scale irrigation design and contract management while meeting water conservation and budget goals
  • The work was unique in the large volume of information and design solutions provided to five different design teams of various trades over ten years
  • Each new system folded seamlessly into the previous phase of development under the Consultant’s direction and master planning efforts

Baha Mar Resort, circa 2012 – West Bay Street has been re-routed around the development, and Baha Mar Boulevard is built.

Baha Mar 2022 – Water park is completed as the last phase of the development.