2023 — Tom Wyatt

Tom Wyatt

Winner of the Roy William Memorial Award for 2023

Tom is the Manager of Irrigation Maintenance at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida as well as the Horticulture Owner’s representative for special projects and for all Walt Disney World construction projects. However, his title doesn’t begin to explain his national influence on the art and science of irrigation. Throughout his thirty-plus years at Walt Disney World Resorts, Tom has been passionate about achieving effective and efficient irrigation for resort properties. He has also been relentless in his pursuit of better answers, improved irrigation performance, and water conservation. He rarely, if ever, compromises on quality, instead, promoting long-term cost efficiencies over fleeting initial cost savings. 

He in turn has been a driving force on the industry. He substantially impacted and influenced the upgrading of irrigation specification and installation standards in Florida and beyond. He was also a strong influence on the development of irrigation control system features to meet the needs of large and complex, high-end systems. He has authored a number of irrigation publications and teaching manuals. His universal respect within the industry has made him a voice to be listened to.

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