2023 — Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile

Winner of the Sam Tobey Lifetime Achievement Award for 2023

Tom was selected to receive this year’s Sam Tobey Award not only as a great supporter of ASIC but also as a committed supporter of irrigation consultants.  As a manufacturer’s representative, he was known for building great relationships with all the consultants in his market, and for standing by the products he represented. The consultants he worked with were confident that if there was a problem, Tom would make it right.  He used his influence to make sure the manufacturers also supported and backed the consultant. Tom earned and enjoyed great loyalty from the consultants in return. 

Through the years, Tom was a presence at the ASIC National Conferences plus all the Southern California Chapter meetings. He was not only a participant, but a generous supporter of the organizations, including ASIC Partner. Although no longer active in the industry, Steven Kim and Steve Lynch, as new owners of Gentile & Associates, are closely following the proven lead of Mr. Gentile. 

Tom formed his own company, Gentile & Associates, in 1986. One of his earlier customers was Sam Tobey, owner of Salco Drip Products, and namesake of this ASIC Award. Through Tom’s representation of different manufacturers in the 1990s, he played a large role in establishing the use of sub-surface drip tubing in the landscape irrigation market. Tom’s reputation and relationships with irrigation consultants led to his being approached by many companies wanting to launch a new product. Tom’s efforts can be credited with introducing many new water-efficient products into the marketplace. 

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