2021 Winner: Children’s Hospital Campus

Northern California Children’s Hospital Campus

Northern, CA – Honor Award, Commercial and Public Works – Large Projects


Janet Luehrs, Brookwater, Inc.


  • The Northern California Children’s Hospital project was renovated in 2018, doubling the size with a new building
  • Sustainability is a core theme throughout the building
  • The design included a central control two-wire system with drip irrigation to the many extensive green roof gardens and outdoor spaces. The hospital is LEED Platinum
  • The building integrates nature seamlessly into its layout, with almost 4 acres of gardens and green spaces for patients, families, visitors, and staff to enjoy
  • The project was challenging with the many terraces, roof gardens, and catwalk planter boxes
  • For the catwalk planter construction observation and raised terraced planting, the IC had to take a 3 hour course on fall protection and wear a fall protection harness whenever on the catwalks or on the raised terrace planters
  • The entire site is irrigated using a large underground cistern with the intent to have all the landscaping irrigated with rain and condensate water from the cistern and using little or no potable water
  • Coordination with the plumbing and electrical engineers was required to get piping from the point of connection to the various gardens and planters
  • The control system is a central controlled weather‐based controller which provides daily weather data to the controller via an on‐site weather station
  • Irrigation designer and consultant on the design team
  • Coordination with rainwater catchment system consultant
  • Designed the irrigation system to meet the State of California AB1881 / Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
  • Provided all water use calculations and tables per the  ordinance and city requirements
  • Provided irrigation system construction / bid documents
  • Provided written specifications per the owner’s design requirements
  • Coordinated closely with the landscape architect and the hospital
  • Provided construction administration services, including submittal review, addendums and Requests for Information, as well as record drawings
  • Provided construction observation throughout the construction phase
  • Provided WE2.3 LEED calculations to the LEED consultant working on the project

Under construction

2-wire decoder for planters was put in a junction box on the wall



Inspecting the cat walks with fall protection harness




           Discovery Garden

             Emerald Garden

            Healing Garden

Serpentine Wall

Niche Wall




Redwood Groves