2019 — Norm and Kathleen Bartlett

Norm and Kathleen Bartlett

Winner of the Sam Tobey Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019

Norm first joined ASIC in 1991, when he was co-owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Data Industrial and soon became a well-known and respected member.  Norm subsequently founded Creative Sensor Technology in 2007, a Massachusetts based manufacturing company that makes flow measuring sensors and transmitters.  Throughout the years, Norm has also been a valued contributor to the ASIC educational sessions as a speaker and presenter.

Kathleen Bartlett was introduced to ASIC as an attendee at ASIC National meetings starting in 1998.  Kathleen quickly created a close network with many of the other spouses and developed particularly close relationships with Lissa Barrett, Debbie Scott, Roberta DiPiano, Lisa Hohl, Kathy Davis, and Linda Davis, among others.

At the 2004 National Conference in Newport Beach, California, ASIC was at a crossroads.  ASIC had parted ways with the management team at Publicis Dialog and was looking for a new management team that understood and reflected the values of the organization.  The current Board of Directors saw their ideal candidates and after some targeted persuasion, Norm and Kathleen began a seven-year stint of fulfilling the management duties of ASIC as its Executive Director team.

Norm and Kathleen were indeed the ideal choice.  They brought management skills; industry knowledge, integrity, and most of all, their warm and welcoming personalities.  The Bartletts proceeded to reach out to the members with sincere interest and care.  Under their watch, ASIC started the process of rebuilding relationships and guiding ASIC on the mission of having a positive and important impact on the industry.

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