2024 Winner: Castle Pines Irrigation Program

Castle Pines Metropolitan District’s Irrigation Efficiency Program

Castle Rock, Colorado – Merit Award, Water Management, Planning & Analysis


Brian Bair, ET Irrigation


  • In 2020, Castle Pines Metropolitan District identified a pressing need for infrastructure upgrades and repairs.
  • These improvements provided an opportunity to enhance water conservation efforts.
  • Visible reductions in water usage across the District were observed.
  • The District set a goal of reducing water consumption from irrigation by at least 100 million gallons per year.
  • This reduction represented approximately 30% of the District’s water usage in an average year.
  • The District aimed to complete this goal within a 5-year time period.
  • Landscape Water Budgets and Data Verification: Creating budgets using drones and validating data for effective decision-making.
  • Waste Reduction Opportunities: Identifying significant opportunities, establishing financial resources, and developing a rebate program.
  • Internal Workflow Model: Establishing a streamlined workflow model and educational programs to raise awareness.
  • Creation of a Road Map: Advising on a user-friendly “Irrigation Efficiency Path” for residents.
  • Irrigation Efficiency Assessments: Identifying improvement areas for both HOAs and custom homes.
  • Irrigation Management: Managing CPMD-owned systems and some HOAs’ systems for optimal water usage.
  • The Water Committee collaborated extensively with an Irrigation Consultant to formulate a comprehensive strategy for achieving specific conservation goals.
  • The consultant was engaged as the project lead to assist District staff in guiding the community toward these objectives.
  • This irrigation efficiency program is a crucial step toward realizing the District’s conservation goals, reducing water usage, and ensuring responsible management of this vital resource.