2021 Winner: Pathline at Peery Park

Pathline at Peery Park

Sunnyvale, CA – Honor Award, Commercial and Public Works – Large Projects


Steve Hohl, Water Concern, Ltd.


  • Large commercial technology campus designed to inspire healthy connectivity, productivity and innovation
  • The irrigated landscape area is 16.5 acres and includes streetscapes, medians, the “Pathline” connecting the campus, and open spaces for amenities and passive use
  • Commercial redevelopment involving the demolition of existing buildings, streets, and parking lots prior to construction of the new facilities
  • The irrigation system utilizes 100% inline drip irrigation for the shrub and Heritage tree planting
  • Turf is strictly reserved for active recreational use. It is minimized to 26,485 square feet, or 3.7% of the total
    landscape area
  • The project Landscape Architect and the Irrigation Consultant collaborated to incorporate shrub species in large yet
    meticulous masses to create opportunities to better hydrozone the irrigation system
  • Every Heritage tree is “valved” with its own irrigation system extending to the dripline of its canopy
  • The irrigation system consists of 19 weather-based ET controllers
  • Master hydrometer valves installed at the points of connection are used to measure flow rates for the controllers that
    are also programmed with the flow rate thresholds of each control valve
  • Fertilizer injection assemblies are utilized at each point of connection to allow micro-dosing of nutrients as needed
  • Master planning irrigation services for the entire project
  • Plant/water use studies to determine compliance with City Ordinances prior to start of design
  • Irrigation design / construction documents with colored hydrozone linework
  • LEED calculations and documentation
  • Bid and RFI support
  • Observation and subsequent reports during and after construction
  • Controller as-builts and colored zone charts
  • Commissioning the system for advanced operation
  • Monitor and adjust programming in collaboration with the landscape management team
  • Preserve the existing Heritage trees
  • Design an irrigation system customized for specific water application for each plant species including turf,
    shrubs, and trees
  • Provide a turnkey process to move the project from concept, design, agency approval, system data
    collection, to ultimately a fully programmed, functional control system maximizing management potential

Fertilizer injection assembly during construction

Hydrozone separation of Olive trees and Carex divulsa grasses




View of north side of campus with recreational turf area




View of massed and hydrozoned shrub species with Heritage trees and campus art sculpture

View of recreation lawn at the amenity building with Lavandula and Heritage trees