Working with Others for the Betterment of the Industry

ASIC maintains strong working relationships with other professional organizations directly or indirectly connected to irrigation.  Although each organization has its own audience, goals and mission, all are united in advocating for responsible landscape irrigation water use and management.  ASIC is proud of these relationships and lend their co-operation and support toward our mutual goal.  Below are some ways our outreach program works for the betterment of the industry.

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Many of our members have dual membership in both ASIC and IA.  Two members,  Brian Vinchesi and Stephen Smith,  have served as President of both organizations.  Several other members have served on the Board of Directors for both organizations as well.

With the increased focus on regulating water use for landscape irrigation, both organizations have been working independently and jointly to help shape the inevitable ordinances and codes that ensue.  The most ambitious project was the joint collaboration to create an updated Best Management Practices and Guidelines for Landscape Irrigation.  The document includes design, installation and management plus extensive appendices for inspection and commissioning, water budget and scheduling.  The document is being reviewed and adopted by agencies across the country as they develop their own local ordinances.

ASIC/IA Best Management Practices


The National Collegiate Competition is an annual three-day event for horticulture and landscape students to showcase their skills to and meet potential employers through competitive events, a career fair, and networking opportunities.  In 2016, 62 colleges were in attendance with 683 students competing in 28 green industry related events.

Students gain invaluable experience from participating in the collegiate irrigation competition each spring.  What they learn confirms and supports what is learned in the classroom.

— Catherine C. Lavis: Ph.D. Associate Professor & Extension Specialist:
               Landscape Management , Kansas State University Coordinator:
Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence (FETE)

Students can attend half day workshops in addition to the competitive events.  Current workshops include Irrigation Design, Basic Irrigation and Advanced Irrigation.  ASIC is the lead sponsor of the Irrigation Design Workshop.  The other workshops are sponsored by our valued Partners Hunter and Ewing.

ASIC is also the lead sponsor for Irrigation Design Competition.  Another one of our valued Partners, Toro, helps ASIC offset the cost of printing the workshop booklets and exam.

The winner of the irrigation design competition is offered an all-expense paid trip to ASIC’s National Conference, where the student winner is introduced to the world of professional irrigation consulting.  Our goal is to introduce bright young students to our profession and encourage them to consider irrigation as their future profession.

As a Planet (now the National Collegiate Landscape Competition) award winner in 2007, I had the privilege to attend ASIC’s National Conference in South Carolina.  Attending the conference was not only a valuable educational experience,  I formed some valued relationships in the industry.  Since then, I have become a Professional Member of ASIC,  and have become involved in several committees– including the committee for the National Collegiate Landscape Competition.  It has been a pleasure to give back to the organizations that helped start my career in irrigation.

Garry Collins, PIC, Water Concern, Inc.

A special thank to Brian Vinchesi for his tireless work year after year in chairing the committee, presenting the workshop and proctoring the exam.

Future Event:

National Collegiate Landscape Competition: Michigan State University — March 18-20, 2020