Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex

Yuma, AZ—Honor Award, Parks & Rec/Sports Fields


Douglas Macdonald
Aqua Engineering, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO



  • 50 Acre, six plex lighted softball/baseball complex was developed in Yuma, AZ.
  • The site also included multi-use Turfgrass and landscape areas and A 1.6-acre irrigation water storage lake amenity.
  • Completed in September 2017 at a cost of 13 -14.5 million dollars.



  • Project Services included: landscape irrigation system design, lake grading/edge treatment/lining/aeration system design, lake re-circulation pumping and piping system design, irrigation pumping system design, and design of control system interface for combination potable/raw water supply for irrigation water delivery to the lake.
  • Specified sizing and details for the irrigation pumping system, wet well, intake pipe and intake screen.
  • Coordinated with project geotechnical and civil engineers to determine appropriate lake edge treatments, lining materials and groundwater venting system strategy.
  • Worked with the project architectural consultant to identify location, size and configuration for the pumping systems enclosure structure.
  • Designed the sprinkler and drip system and a weather-based, valve-in-head irrigation control system.
  • Performed construction observation services for all lake storage/water source and irrigation elements throughout the construction process.



  • Accelerated project delivery timeline, requiring significant collaboration between consultant and contractor to maintain design integrity through value engineering process.
  • Actively fluctuating groundwater table requiring specialized lake liner venting system.
  • Valve-in-head and climate-based irrigation control system for active use sports turf areas, compatible with City of Yuma Parks central control system.
  • Strategy for lake level and irrigation water supply delivery system from multiple water sources.



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