Home Depot Backyard

Atlanta, GA – Merit Award, Comm & Public Works – LG


Bob Scott, Irrigation Consultant Services, Inc.

  • The Home Depot Backyard is a 15-acre activity venue located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, one of the centerpieces of the Atlanta Sports Entertainment District.
  • The site was installed on the top of the imploded Georgia Dome with 30 feet of rock and rubble included.
  • The design developed a highly efficient and highly reliable irrigation system, using a non-potable water supply and with deep-rock well water as a last resort.
  • The irrigation system was installed in a crushed-rock base over concrete rubble.
  • Pipe was embedded in pea gravel that was added as a top layer.
  • Rainwater from the Stadium roof was implemented as the primary irrigation water source, supplemented with a cistern.
  • Project services included: landscape irrigation planning, concept and installation team coordination for the development for the irrigation system, cistern pumping system including inlet and discharge filtration, cistern level controls, cistern piping system for irrigation well replenishment.
  • Coordinated with project electrical, mechanical and civil engineers to determine appropriate mechanical and electrical controls for the deep groundwater cistern replenishment on the existing Mercedes Benz Stadium water harvesting cistern system.
  • Worked with the project general contractor lead to field identify location, size and configuration for the HDBY pumping systems enclosure, well supply pipe routing with electrical communication.
  • Provided bid and construction documents, construction documents, and monthly field reports during construction and acted as lead for the irrigation well water development.
  • Specified moisture sensing for target area hydro-zones.
  • Oversight of project to make sure construction was done according to plan, discussed budgetary plan variances and analyzed changes.
  • The project had to be completed before the first Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC season opening games, requiring strict adherence to the timeline. Staying on schedule required ongoing communication with experts to verify decisions and rapid responses to any inquiries about the project from all sources.
  • Irrigation well testing the wells produced the minimum yield for cistern replenishment, so the irrigation wells had to be enhanced.
  • Irrigation wells development had to interface with irrigation water management controls which feeds back information back to the Mercedes Benz Stadium energy management system.
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