Eighth & Harrison

San Francisco, CA—Honor Award, Comm & Public Works – SM


Janet Luehrs
Brookwater, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA



  • Mixed use project in heart of San Francisco’s Western SOMA District.
  • Comprised of 7 buildings.
  • The site includes a system of:
    • pocket plazas
    • raised planters
    • outdoor café
    • extensive irrigated green roof
    • rainwater catchment system



  • Coordination with rainwater catchment system manufacturer.
  • Designed the irrigation system to meet the State of California AB1881 / Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.
  • Coordinated closely with the landscape architect, property owner, and City of San Francisco.
  • Provided construction administration services, including submittal review, addendums and requests for information.
  • Provided WE2.3 LEED calculations to the LEED consultant working on the project.



  • Rainwater catchment system: We designed two 25,000-gallon tanks that are buried under the plaza/outdoor café. Along with the two tanks, a dry well was also installed underground. The space was very tight. The San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) required both a reduced pressure backflow preventer and an air gap for the domestic make up water source.
  • State of California AB1881 water ordinance: Each city has their own ordinance which must meet or exceed the state model water efficient landscape ordinance (MWELO.) As a consultant we must be familiar with each city’s ordinance and implement them into the design. Eighth and Harrison was designed using point source drip irrigation for shrub and planters, sub‐surface dripline for green roof, and bubbler irrigation for trees.



  • The project sits at a major freeway on‐ramp in the heart of the SOMA district in San Francisco and represents an environmentally friendly water conserving landscape.
  • In this time of drought in the State of California, water conservation has become a significant factor in designing landscapes and irrigation systems.
  • The city of San Francisco is requiring all new buildings to have rainwater catchment or be irrigated with recycled water. Potable water is used to supplement the rainwater.



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