Dayton National Cemetery

Dayton, OH—Honor Award, Comm & Public Works – LG


Robert Beccard
Aqua Engineering, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO



  • Designated Historic National Cemetery, established in 1867.
  • The 894 acre site contains graves from every major US Military Conflict since the Revolutionary War.
  • Including 5 medal of honor winners.
  • Currently, about 800 burials take place per year.



  • Evaluated irrigation requirements for the 100+ – acre cemetery.
  • Developed a water conservation management plan for the entire site.
  • Completed a hydraulic analysis to size a booster pump station.
  • Considered environmental, health and safety and erosion control factors for this sensitive and highly visited installation.
  • Implemented strict QA/QC methodology to improve all processes.



  • The challenge was to design an irrigation system that could be installed with minimal disturbance to monumentation, existing trees and cemetery operations. HDPE piping was specified which allowed use of horizontal directional drilling to achieve this result.
  • A Block style irrigation system was used in the burial Spacing of sprinklers was selected to work with existing burial section layout(s) and to achieve efficient water application metrics. This allowed for high distribution uniformity and a low scheduling coefficient. A central control system with on-site weather station using two-wire decoding technology was used.
  • The mainline was installed using horizontal Lateral pipe in burial sections was installed using vibrator plow. Potholing was required along lateral pipe route and at sprinkler locations to identify potential conflicts with existing burials.



  • System technology and efficiency enhancements will save the VA administration water, energy, and other tangible resource costs for decades.
  • The improved turf appearance and condition will enhance visitor experience and demonstrate respect for the interred – helping the VA uphold the mission they refer to as “A Sacred Trust.”



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