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DIG’s LEIT Controller line consists of the LEIT 4000 (4-8 Stations), LEIT X (10-28 Stations), and LEIT XRC (4-28 Stations) which is our remote-ready controller with an 800 ft range via the LEIT Multi Pro handset. LEIT is a self-contained unit with a very small, almost unnoticeable footprint that blends in beautifully into any installation environment.

LEIT is the only irrigation controller on the planet to run off ambient light (Indirect light). This allows for the controller to be placed anywhere outside, even in complete shade. You would need three days of complete darkness for the controller not to be able to function!

The second tremendous benefit to LEIT is that its power source is a supercapacitor (20+ year life expectancy) and not a battery. This allows LEIT to be a permanent solution with no batteries to ever change over the life of the controller.

LEIT is used worldwide and thrives in applications such as median strips, pocket parks, green belts, habitat restoration, cemeteries, streetscapes and any areas where accessing power can be a very expensive and time-consuming proposition.

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Hunter’s highly advanced two-wire commercial controller provides multi-flow monitoring and management capabilities for the largest and most demanding projects.

– Operate up to 225 two-wire stations with 32 automatic programs, and run 20+ solenoids simultaneously

– Connect up to 6 flow sensors for real-time flow monitoring, and enable flow management to deliver maximum irrigation at safe velocities during your watering window

– Communicate effortlessly from your mobile device or desktop with the expanding Centralus™ online irrigation management software for ultimate peace of mind

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WATERTRONICS: BlackMax® Submersible Pump System

The BlackMax  is a high performance submersible pump system for applications such as turf irrigation, water transfer, mining, sea water, and source water blending. Utilizing advance controls and available in both single- or multi-pump configurations, the BlackMax Submersible Pump System is a cost saving alternative to wet wells or intake structures. These systems can float or rest on the reservoir bottom, and offer a near invisible and silent underwater design ideal for situations requiring low visibility and reduced noise levels.

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LASCO FITTINGS: HDPE Transition Unions

These unions are specially designed to connect HDPE lateral lines to various size gate valves and remote pressure regulating valves. These HDPE Transition Unions can be placed on both sides of the valve assembly for easy removal. Simply loosen the union nuts and disassemble.

– Designed for butt fusion, socket fusion or elctrofusion onto 2” or 63MM HDPE lateral lines

– Union design for Easy Removal of the valve assembly

– Compatible with 1” – 2” Valves

– Made in USA

– Buna O-Ring

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LANDSCAPE PRODUCTS: 1-inch Drip Zone Valve Kit

Landscape Product’s Drip Zone Valve Kit offers fast installation and durable performance for residential and small commercial properties and effluent water systems. It includes a contamination-resistant VP-10 control valve with a metering design to keep the valve working and maintenance to a minimum. The attached EZ Kleen Y-Filter with 30 PSI regulator helps keep debris and excessive pressure check.All-in-one kit for drip irrigation zones

– VP-10 control valve with internal manual bleed

– 150-mesh stainless steel filter

– Replacement stainless steel screen

– Simple, one-piece molded diaphragm

– VP-10 replacement parts:

  •  Solenoid

  • Diaphragm

  • Cover

– 3/4-inch MHT flush with cap

– Filtration area: 23 square inches

– Easily removable handle prevents tampering after the flow adjustment

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