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RAIN BIRD: Advanced CLP Packaged Pump Station

The Advanced CLP (ACLP) Series is a complete pump package that is simple to install and operate.  Neatly enclosed in a marine grade aluminum enclosure, the ACLP is available in a variety of sizes reaching flows up to 400 gpm and boosting pressure as much as 110 psi.  This extension of Rain Bird’s popular CLP line can be applied to pressure boost, flooded suction and suction lift applications.  An industrial grade pump with a TEFC motor is controlled by a variable frequency drive specially programmed for irrigation service.  This maximizes flexibility and system protection.  Easy to install and easy to commission, the ACLP can also be equipped with popular options such as pressure start hardware, enclosure heaters and insulation, self-cleaning intake screens and z-pipes for smooth transitions to underground piping.   For  more information, call your Rain Bird Pump distributor or email pumps@rainbird.com.

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