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Since 1985, Regency Wire has focused our product offering, manufacturing investments and customer support around serving the needs of America’s Green Industry. It is, very frankly, a privilege and a pleasure! Every day we’re making new investments in manufacturing, quality assurance and expertise to better ensure we help our customers meet challenges and capture new opportunities. As we continue to grow together to innovate and add new products, we want you to know we will never lose sight of our roots. Uncompromised quality, responsive customer service – and a company-wide commitment to being easy to do business with – are at the foundation of Regency Wire and irrigation is the heartbeat of our plant. We strive internally to ensure the product you are specifying is the best quality, every time. From factory to field is our mindset.

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In 1995, Tucor Inc became the first US based company to bring proven and reliable European 2-Wire-Decoder controller technology to the North American irrigation control industry.  For over twenty years Tucor Inc. has continued to develop and introduce industry leading, unique and innovative irrigation control products.

Did you ever wonder where the name Tucor came from?  While Larry Sarver, Founder and President of Tucor,  Inc, was in Europe developing the 2-Wire-Decoder controller technology he spent many evenings in the local pubs drinking Tuborg Beer.  When it came time to name his company, he originally wanted to call it Tuborg Inc., but a friend who was an English major encouraged Larry to go with Tucor incorporating “two” plus the word “core”, which also can mean wire.

Perhaps it would have been more fun to spec Tuborg  on your next project—?  We will never know.

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“Leave This World Better Than You Found It”

Jain Irrigation Systems’ Company Mission is one that helped land them on Fortune’s Change the World List for 2015. Fortune recognized 50 companies in 2015 that are “doing well by doing good” and Jain Irrigation Systems came in at number 7 on the list.

A fully integrated global agriculture company, Jain has been recognized by Harvard Business to be one of five global sustainability champions.  Jain also leads crop science research globally across a variety of food crops, and is staffed with some of the world’s leading agriculture research scientists.  With the recent addition of the Gandhi Library, Jain now house an impressive collection of the world’s leading agriculture knowledge in a single facility.   They research, educate, advance, manufacture, finance, propagate plants, and purchase produce for processing all in an effort to fulfill the Jain mission.

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Tom Gentile of Gentile & Associates, Inc.  is very pleased to announce that Steven Kim has been promoted to President of the corporation and Steve Lynch has been promoted to Executive Vice President.

Steven, formerly Executive Vice President, has been with the company since 2004 promoting the company’s array of exceptional Landscape and Irrigation products to Irrigation Consultants, Landscape Architects, Distributors, Contractors, Developers, Cities and more. He and Steve also handle most of the hiring of our upstanding personnel and add new product lines to our existing fine lines.

Steve, spent 28 years with  Lasco  Fittings, Inc. selling and promoting their full lines to Distribution, as well as to some specifiers, with the Company’s Swing Joints. Steve came aboard Gentile & Associates, Inc. in 2006 as Vice President and has helped guide the direction of the company along with Steven Kim.

Tom Gentile will remain as CEO/CFO. Gentile has been in the Irrigation/Landscape industry since 1975 and has helped pioneer a variety of new products to the Industry including controllers, valves and flow sensors. He is a recipient of The 2015 Green Industry Hall of Fame and named one of The Pioneers of Irrigation. “I thank The Lord that, as a company, Gentile has been growing quickly in the last 5 years even as we have come through some tough recessions, one about every 10 years, since the 1980’s”. Though the last one was brutal, Steven and Steve were more than stalwart and showed that success is available to those who are willing to work hard and wisely. We seriously thank all those who have supported us!

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With more than 40 years of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry.

In the summer of 2004, the World’s eyes were on Athens, Greece for the 2004 Summer Games where the top athletes came to prove themselves worthy of the Gold.  For them, the Olympic Games represent the ultimate showcase of their talents.  In this arena, where fractions of a second and millimeters of turf count for everything, the sports facilities must be as finely honed as the athletes themselves.  To help accomplish this feat, Netafim Irrigation products were chosen to keep the Olympic grounds in Athens green and as flawless as possible.

Netafim Techline® Dripperline for Reclaimed Water was the perfect solution to irrigating and maintaining greenspaces and allowing the usage of recycled water to be utilized for water conservation.  The tubing is purple – as the color purple serves as the international sign for the use of non-potable reclaimed water.  All Techline® Dripperline was placed below the surface of the turf in order to minimize the danger of vandalism, allow flexible irrigation scheduling and place the concentration of water where grass needs it most – at the roots.

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