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Sprinkler Consultant

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Professional Design Office


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5328 Rocking Horse Place
Oviedo, Florida 32765
United States

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Specialties and Projects

  • Mastock Farms, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Cranberry, Orchard & Row Crop Farms, New England region, USA
  • Overhead & Drip Irrigation for Multiple Large Farms, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Athletic Fields/Complexes
  • New Brighton Regional Park Sports Complex, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Mid-Lake Beddington Heights – Lake Bonavista, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • City of Lexington Soccer Field Complex, Lexington, Ohio, USA
  • GE Aviation Headquarters, Evendale, Ohio, USA
  • Royal Governor Mansion Complex, Gassium, Saudi Arabia
  • Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Community Development/Master Planning
  • Preskier Ranch, Santa Maria, California, USA
  • Disney Cruise Terminal #8, Port Canaveral, Florida, USA
  • Diplomatic Quarters (360 embassies), Riyadh, Saudia Arabia
Golf Courses
  • Westerly Golf Course, Westerly, Rhode Island, USA
  • Lake Keiser Country Club, Lake Keiser, Maine, USA
  • Rockport Golf Course, Rockport, Maine, USA
Housing Development/Residential
  • Henry Ford, Sr. Mansion, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
  • Atlantic Villas, Miami, Florida, USA
  • King Fahad Royal Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Water Management/Resource Assessment
  • King Fahad Professional Soccer Field Complex, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Preskier Ranch, Santa Maria, California, USA



Santa Ana College, California State Fullerton-Business Administration with Honors


Disadvantaged Small Business: Disabled Veteran, State of Florida and Federal Government


Bill Curtis, ASIC, began his career in irrigation directly after college in 1977, with Hydro-Rain, Inc. and has 37 years of experience in all aspects of irrigation design and installation. Bill started at Hydro-Rain as a Technical Field Manager; three years later he was hired by L.R. Nelson Corp. for the same type of position. Working directly for manufacturers, Bill was “Factory Trained” in “Product Application, Irrigation System Design, Installation Techniques and Trouble Shooting.” This type of training is far advanced over any courses offered by the IA. For 6 years Bill held seminars and instructed Irrigation Designers and Landscape Architects the correct principles of irrigation design and installation, techniques and troubleshooting maintenance. In 1984, Bill was offered a position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as “Director of Installation and Equipment Sales Division” for Obal Company, the Master Toro Distributorship, i.e., the largest Contracting Company in the Middle East. Bill started an Irrigation Design Team at Obal Co., which designed the largest projects ever installed in the Middle East, i.e., the Diplomatic Quarter that house 360 Embassies, several Military Cities that housed 50,000 soldiers and their families, several Royal Palaces, all the Parks & Rec areas in Riyadh; his designs were exclusively selected by the Ministry of Youth Welfare for Professional Athletic Soccer Fields, and he personally designed and installed the Professional Soccer Stadium for King Fahad. Bill was later hired by B.M.T.C., the Rain Bird Middle East Master Turf Distributor; his job was Design & Installation Manager and Marketing Manager for Rain Bird product sales. Bill returned to the U.S. in 1987, and started “Curtis Enterprises” a Technical Support Rep agency that designed irrigation, site managed installations and sold irrigation products direct from factories to the wholesale trade for the Eastern Seaboard and across Canada, i.e., his major lines were Rain Bird, Lasco, National Pipe, Pierce Fittings, Superior, Baron Wire, etc. In addition, Bill was a co-founder of Central Irrigation Supply with over 35 irrigation supply branches in the Northeast. The across-the-board technical product knowledge of all irrigation products manufactured plus Bill’s technical design background with AutoCAD and LandFX plus his tremendous installation experience are his greatest strengths, as it allows his clients many options based on the project budget.

Bill started “Sprinkler Consultant” in 2000, which is exclusively limited to irrigation design and consulting for landscape architects. The difference between Bill and most irrigation designers: Bill was trained directly the manufacturers, i.e., Rain Bird, Toro, Hydro-Rain and L.R. Nelson, couple with his years of actual field installation experience. Bill has designed and installed over 60 million dollars of irrigation systems for golf courses, commercial, industrial, residential estates and agricultural systems, domestically and internationally. Most irrigation designers have never installed one (1) sprinkler system, most have just read books about the subject and passed a simple IA test, then morphed themselves into a Sprinkler Consultant without the slightest degree of practical field experience or technical product knowledge. Bill’s designs are inexpensive to maintain, are both cost effective and water efficient, and consider the long term cost of maintenance as top priorities!

The scope of work includes community master planning, design development, hydraulic and electric calculations.


Company Information

Sprinkler Consultant has been doing business since January 2000, otherwise, 14 years.

Sprinkler Consultant has only one (1) employee.

My client base is exclusively the Landscape Architect trade, both domestically and internationally.

Geographical area of coverage is worldwide.

Rain Bird Maxi-Com certified and knowledgeable in all manufactured Master Satellite Control System packages with emphasis on 2-Wire Path Control Packages that include the IQ Software.

Submersible and Booster Pump Station qualified, Bill has designed and specified pump stations up to 3500 gpm. This project was designed for Rain Bird, project name “Preserve at Corkscrew,” it was 40.2 acres and located in southern Florida, and includes over 400 residential homes and a very large clubhouse.

Bill is also a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He served in the Marines from March 1966 to July 1973, was deployed for 2 overseas combat tours.

Bill is approved by the U.S. Federal Government and the State of Florida for Disadvantaged Small Business Owner status under the category of “Disabled American Veteran.” Bill is also a member of the Disabled American Veterans.