Phillips, Jim

Jim Phillips

Phillips, Jim

Professional Member

Company Type
Professional Design Office
48 Reilly Road
Nambour, Queensland, 4560
  • Education

    Diploma of Irrigation

  • Licenses

    QBCC Licensed Contractor, Licensed Plumber,

  • Certifications

    Certified Irrigation Agronomist

Athletic Fields/complexes
Specialities & Project References
  • Agricultural
  • GJ & M Nuts - Micro Sprinklers on Macadamias: Gympie, Queensland
  • K Road - Surface Drip on Vegetables: Werribee South, Victoria
  • Craigie Knowe Vinyard, Drip & Frost Control on Grapes: Cranbrook, Tasmania
  • Athletic Fields/complexes
  • Meridan Plains Sports Complex: Caloundra, Queensland
  • Commercial/Industrial/Campus
  • Centre Pivot Effluent Dispersal: Kingaroy, Queensland
  • Sub-Surface Effluent Dispersal: Fraser Island, Queensland
  • Solid Set Effluent Dispersal: Walloon, NSW
  • Community Development/Master Planning
  • Tenterfield Streetscape: Tenterfield, NSW
  • La Balsa Park: Buddina, Queensland
  • Wagners Airport: Toowoomba, Queensland
  • Housing Development/Residential
  • Tait Residence: Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland
  • Walter Residence: Highgate Hill, Queensland
  • Certified Irrigation Auditor
  • Centre Pivot Audits, Energy & Pivot Operation: Wandoan, Queensland
  • Pump/Energy Audit: Pioneer Valley, Mackay
  • Djirang Native Nursery: Eudlo, Queensland
  • Biography

    I initially entered the irrigation industry in 1981 working with a company, General Pumping Sales & Services, in Cairns, Queensland. General Pumping was primarily involved in the mining and fishing industry supplying pumps to pump exotic fluids and solids. These fluids and solids ranged from cyanide and sulphuric acid solutions to whole squid, honey and gravel.

    From General Pumping I moved to join Dunlop IBC in Innisfail Queensland. This was where I became involved in pumping clean, clear water and the precision design work of micro irrigation. Micro irrigation was then in its infancy and growers were initially cautious but now, this is the way that most crops in North Queensland are irrigated. I was fortunate to work with fine practitioners of the art of irrigation design, Bill Johns, George Cole, Peter Henry and I was a keen learner. All this early work was done manually, no calculators or computers and all drawing was by hand. While tedious, this does give a great depth of understanding of the intricacies of design and design relationships, soil, water, climate etc.

    In 1989, together with John Richter we pioneered the design and use of sub-surface drip irrigation in sugar cane. Initially this generated a lot of controversy however, projects done in the early 1990’s are still operational today. I am a passionate advocate of micro irrigation used in context.

    Irrigation is a toolbox and I firmly believe that as designers it is our duty to draw from that toolbox the right irrigation for the project in hand. This belief, for me, has given me a wide diversity of experience in many forms of irrigation and water dispersal. I have enjoyed my working life in this industry from day 1 and am still learning, listening and designing and enjoying it greatly.

    I am married and live in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Our design consultancy covers Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Our work is predominantly agriculture with forays into the landscape and commercial market when required.

    Currently I am on the Irrigation Australia Limited Certification Board, am the irrigation delegate for the Mary Valley Catchment Commission and am Vice Chair of our local Lutheran Church. I am also a member of the Australian Macadamia Society.

    My hope for the future is to be able to pass on my knowledge to younger people coming up. It is reaching the point, considering retirement, where it is of limited use to me so to pass it on seems logical. While academic learning in our industry is important, the best designers have not only the academic side but a great depth of experience. Experience only comes with time, and mistakes.

    I have been fortunate enough to come from a family of Architects and sales people. This has given me the attention to detail necessary to do complex design work but also the ability to talk with people and explain/sell ideas and concepts in an acceptable manner.

    I am a hybrid, covering many of the aspects of our industry and borrowing from all of them good ideas to apply in other fields. I admire the discipline of each facet but deplore the parochialism in some areas. In this, I feel unique and often out of step. But my clients seem to like what I do, and that pays the bills.

  • Company Info

    JP WATER P/L is a micro company, consisting of myself, Jim Phillips, my wife Linda and our 2 dogs. I am designer in chief, principal sales person and the face of our business. My wife, Linda is our CFO, managing the onerous task of administration. The dogs are moral support and general greeting committee.

    We originally started JP WATER as a semi retirement plan in 2103 but, to our surprise, blossomed quickly. Initially we worked locally but spread to state wide, then Australia wide then to New Zealand, Fiji, and countries in South East Asia. Most of our work comes from word of mouth and referral by clients.

    Our main workload is agriculture, from very small to quite large. Predominantly our work is micro irrigation, drip, mini sprinklers etc. at times in very challenging situations ” Don’t go there, rocks and tigers! We also do solid set, pivots, lateral moves etc.

    We are fortunate enough to be part of a group of senior agricultural designers, all with many years of experience, with whom we share work and who act as sounding boards and peer review as required.