Davis, FASIC David

David Davis, FASIC

Davis, FASIC, David

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David D. Davis and Associates
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Professional Design Office
26630 Barton Road, #417
Redlands, California South 92373
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Golf Course

A Certified Irrigation Designer (CID), Dave Davis has been active in the irrigation industry since 1971. He was elevated to the status of Fellow (FASIC) by the American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC) in 1997. He is also an EPA Water Sense Partner.

Dave combines years of design, training, technical services experience for golf, and recreational turf irrigation systems to meet the needs of the Client. His educational background is in the disciplines of engineering, mathematics, and education. Dave holds a State of California, lifetime teaching credential, for mathematics and related subjects.

Dave Davis is a founding member of the Irrigation Associations Design Certification Board of Governors. He is also Past President of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants.

He is the author of numerous technical articles and two handbooks on irrigation system design techniques. He continues to conduct seminars and workshops on system technology, design, installation, and water management.

Dave brings to each project both domestic and international experiences, providing the client exposure to the most up-to-date irrigation technology and management practices available. He has extensive experience working with environmentally sensitive sites including wetlands, watersheds, historical sites, monuments, and geographically significant features.

Davis has designed irrigation systems for golf courses ranging in size from 9 to 72 holes at a single site. Most projects include preparation of the site to use recycled reclaimed wastewater for irrigation. Systems have been designed for major architects as well as Owners and Operators.