• Membership

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee reviews the current membership structure and member outreach program.  Its goal is to  help ensure ASIC retains its current members plus attract and recruit new members and our future leaders.

    In 2015, the committee presented some insightful recommendations to the Board regarding membership categories and structure.   Primary goals were to expand the definition of Professional Consultant and offer a more affordable path to membership for younger professionals .  A secondary objective was to condense and streamline the remaining member categories .  The committee presented the proposal to the Board of Governors at the May 2015 meeting and was unanimously approved for implementation effective January 1, 2016.

    Steve Hohl–Chair
    Stacy Gardner-Co-Chair
    Tim Fredericks
    Don Mann
    Bob Scott




  • Certification

    Certification Committee

    Developing a certification program for professional irrigation consultants has been an ongoing issue for several years, with members passionate—both pro and con.  If a certification test is to be created, the specific skills and knowledge necessary to be an irrigation consultant must be clearly defined.   To meet the objective, the Certification Committee recommended a credible and defensible job analysis be developed to help define the specific criteria upon which a test can be formulated.

    Their committee’s extensive report was presented to the Board of Governors at the May 2015 meeting, with an updated report given at the October 2015 Board meeting.  The proposal to proceed with the creation of a job analysis, with the assistance of an outside professional and in cooperation with the Irrigation Association Certification Board of Governors was unanimously approved.  The job analysis was completed mid-year 2016.  The committee is currently continuing their work in developing the approved certification program.

    Carey June-Chair
    Doug Macdonald-Co Chair
    Jim Barrett
    Janet Luehrs
    Steve Hohl
    Allan Schildknecht
    Jeffrey Bruce


  • Partner Program

    ASIC Partner Committee

    ASIC Partners support the goals the missions of the Society and its professional members through an annual commitment.  Their commitment is for a package of pre-paid benefits including courtesy conference registrations, conference sponsorship, and special recognition by our members and in Society media publications.

    This committee works in an advisory capacity with the Executive Director to review the ASIC Partner Program.  The committee is tasked with reviewing the current commitment levels, creating an attractive package of Partner benefits, and suggest ways to add value to the program for both the Partners and our Professional Members.

    Carol Colein
    Janet Luehrs
    Dave Pagano
    Steve Hohl
    Michael Friedman
    Chris Steele
    Rick Clelan