We are a close and dynamic industry.  Irrigation educators and practitioners are hungry for innovative ideas and technology that can be brought to bear affordably. That’s what drew me to ASIC in the 1980s – steadfast commitment to exploring and sharing irrigation innovation. The Society has always directed an unblinking focus on water conservation and unbiased, third-party support to clientele.

 –Stephen Smith, PhD, FASIC

Our Mission Statement:

ASIC is a society of professional irrigation consultants and allied industry representatives dedicated to representing the best interest of the client while advocating the responsible use and preservation of water resources.

Our Vision Statement:

ASIC strives to represent the most experienced and responsible irrigation professionals in the world. Its members facilitate successful water resource management through design expertise, client advocacy, public service, education, accreditation, and the promotion of allied green industry partnerships.

Our Core Values Include:

  • Protect public health, safety and welfare through the responsible use of water resources.
  • Apply sound science and industry knowledge to provide the highest caliber of consulting services, integrating such elements as design, product selection, and application according to the needs and resources of the client.
  • Assure the highest levels of respect and responsibility toward water to assure future generations’ access to that essential resource.
  • Pursue appropriate alternative sources of water in developing integrated water-use plans, such as rainwater harvesting and storage, cooling tower condensate recovery, water recycling, and other strategies.
  • Work as part of a collaborative team that includes clients, stakeholders, project engineers, landscape design consultants, product suppliers, installation contractors and others.
  • Respect the value of responsible landscaping and available water supplies.
  • Provide training and educational opportunities in accordance with the Society’s Mission and Vision.
  • Educate clients and end-users on product application, system management and maintenance techniques to increase efficiency and ensure proper use.
  • Strive for professionalism in every endeavor.

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