Santa Clara Square, Phase I

Santa Clara, CA—Merit Award, Commercial & Public Works


Janet Luehrs
Brookwater, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA



Santa Clara Square is a planned sustainable community with specialty shopping, restaurants, office space and apartments in the heart of Silicon Valley. Designed as a new model for Silicon Valley, Santa Clara Square will create a complete, walkable community where people can live, work, and play while minimizing the time they spend in their cars.



The Irrigation Consultant provided irrigation design services for the first phase Marketplace with Whole Foods market, specialty stores, and high-end restaurants.  The Irrigation Designer provided an irrigation design that was environmentally friendly, sustainable, and efficient.

Santa Clara Square sits in the heart of Silicon Valley and represents an environmentally friendly water conserving landscape. In this time of drought in the State of California, water conservation has become a significant factor in designing landscapes and irrigation systems.  This project was especially challenging as both potable water and non‐potable water systems were used within the same scope.  Potable water was required for all the Redwood trees and the surrounding landscape while non‐potable was used in all the other landscaped areas. Due to the strict distance and sleeving requirements when potable and non‐potable water systems are within the same area, we had to provide the contractor with very specific direction.

High efficiency and effective irrigation equipment was specified to maximize water conservation efforts.  A high technology irrigation control system that provides daily ET data via wireless transmission.  Flow sensing and fertilizer injection systems were also incorporated into the system.



  • Coordinated closely with the landscape architect, property owner, and City of Santa Clara
  • Designed the irrigation system to meet the State of California AB1881 / Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
  • Provided irrigation system construction / bid documents and specifications per owner’s design requirements
  • Provided construction administration services, including submittal review, addendums and Requests for Information
  • Provided construction observation services to verify the system was installed per plan



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