Creal Residence

Prairie Village, Kansas –Merit Award


Lincoln, NE


The goal was to create a home for family gatherings, charity events and meeting place that is inviting, functional and warm.   A further goal was that it be sustainable and a model for the ‘new’ Midwestern home.

The total renovated residential structure and landscape was a collaborative endeavor that portrays the value of enlightened stewardship for our environment. Geothermal heating and air-conditioning, LED lighting throughout and an irrigation system that exceeded mandated codes.


the project promoted collaboration between the landscape architect, irrigation consultant and irrigation contractor to achieve the overall design intent of a 50% reduction in irrigation water use.  The end result is a landscape  aesthetic that incorporates indigenous plants of the Midwest and showcases a classic Kansas City home.

Consensus was achieved on the use of low water use plantings, low water-use turf, and rain gardens in the landscape design.  The irrigation system utilizes an array of  water saving technologies and equipment including on-site ET sensor and controller.  The end result is a system that uses 50% less water for irrigation compared to a typical landscape irrigation system in the Kansas City area.

The irrigation consultant often had to provide justification for additional, “up-front” cost for installation and materials for future savings in water, labor, landscape chemicals and plant replacement costs.   Providing the  justification provided ample opportunity to educate the owners, builders, landscape architect,  and irrigation contractor regarding water saving features, design adaptations related to soil type, turf varieties, diverse landscape plantings and area use.


  • Full collaboration as a member of the landscape design team.
  • Design the irrigation system per landscape plan to meet 50% or more water reduction use.
  • Provide all bid and construction documentation for the irrigation system as project team member.
  • Provide construction observation services to ensure irrigation design intent was met.
  • Perform irrigation audit to form base scheduling, distribution uniformity coefficient for the ET controller.
  • Provide irrigation system manual and operational education to owners and landscape maintenance firm.