Join the Association of Dedicated Professional Irrigation Consultants

For over forty five years, the American Society of Irrigation Consultants has represented independent professional consultants. The environment in which we work has greatly changed since our inception.  The science, technology and advances in irrigation design and equipment sophistication has made big strides and continues to do so each year.  Competition for and justification of landscape water is fierce as the finite nature of potable water is the better understood reality.  We are keenly aware of the economic, political and environmental challenges we face. To effectively serve the profession, our members, and our members’ clients, ASIC recognizes the need for change and contributes to finding viable solutions.  Our Professional Members’ services have evolved from providing innovative, durable, efficient irrigation design to the development of water use/demand reports for sites; diligent review of regional regulatory opportunities, requirements and constraints; commitment to the long-term protection of our water resources; and exploration of alternative water sources to further safeguard potable supplies. ASIC members apply proven science to their deep knowledge of available equipment, design and technology to ensure that clients receive the highest performing water delivery systems based on their needs and resources within the physical constraints of the regional environment. Our members are recognized for their expertise in integrating state-of-the-art research, and the latest technology as they provide professional irrigation consulting and water management services.

Professional Irrigation Consultant

Professional Membership in ASIC signifies a person’s dedication to their profession and to their qualification to provide irrigation consulting services. ASIC members are among the most talented and dedicated in the profession.  Acceptance as an ASIC Professional Member is given to select individuals through a qualifying process as follows:

  • Application Process:  Each person must provide evidence of their relevant work experience and education which contributes to a point system that must be met prior to submitting an application.  The applicant must submit a sample of their work product which is then carefully reviewed by their peers.  Each applicant must be sponsored by two current ASIC Professionals who are able to vouch for their character and skill level.
  • Code of Ethics:  ASIC Professional Members must abide by a written code of ethics and to standards of professional practice.  The code helps define the role of the consultant and his responsibilities to the client as well as an adherence to other ethical and professional practices.
  • An ASIC Professional:  ASIC’s educational initiatives and numerous opportunities to glean shared member experiences give our members a professional edge and the tools to stay on top of their profession.  Rigorous education sessions and collective knowledge allows our members to confidently and ably lead their clients through the various phases of systems development, project completion and continuing water management.
    A Professional Irrigation Consultant has shown evidence of his knowledge and training to provide irrigation solutions that are technologically sound and environmentally responsible.  Each professional will have their own work specialties and work experiences that should be considered when selecting a Professional to work on a specific project.  Services may include development of master plans; water resource inventory; preparation of comprehensive plans, specifications, and bid documents; construction administration; as constructed documentation; development of water management plans; and maintenance protocols.


ASIC is also the right professional home for those that currently work for a Professional Irrigation Consultant or other independent allied design professionals.  These membership categories provide places in the organization for those that may ultimately choose Professional Irrigation Consulting as a permanent profession or simply wish to further their irrigation knowledge.


ASIC welcomes our valued industry suppliers to join as a Commercial Member.  This category may include personnel from equipment manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, and contractors.  Equipment technology is changing at an increasing rate to meet the ever growing need for more efficient and effective irrigation solutions.  Professional Consultants rely on knowledgeable and pro-active industry representatives to keep them abreast of the changes.  Most consultants develop deep and lasting relationships with their designated industry suppliers and recognize them as important team members.  ASIC has a very strong Commercial Member base that supports the goals of ASIC and actively participates in ASIC events. These members enjoy the excellent networking opportunities and appreciate the unique educational sessions offered at the local, regional and national ASIC Conferences.


ASIC is proud to include members that represent public agencies, education centers, research facilities, and allied professionals such as Landscape Architects.  We provide a very affordable membership category to encourage our industry colleagues to find out more and be a partner in implementing creative solutions for the irrigation industry.


Students are a welcome addition to our membership roster.  They include those who have an interest in irrigation, want to learn more about the industry,  and perhaps  looking for a mentor that may help shape their career path.


Many of our members are no longer active in the profession, but they are still valuable members of the Association.  We encourage our retired members to stay connected and continue to show their support for ASIC.