• Conference Committee

    Conference Committee

    The National Conference Committee is responsible for the specific planning and logistics of the event.  Committee work includes venue selection,  development of the educational agenda, identifying knowledgeable presenters, and general meeting planning.

    2018 National Conference 

    Tim Fredericks-Chairman
    Geoff Graber
    Janet Luehrs
    Steve Hohl
    Chris Steele
    Bob Scott
    John Murtaugh
    Andy Humphrey
    Lynda Wightman
    Rick Clelan
    Krystal Bozarth
    Doug Foucheaux
    Bret Ramsey

  • Collegiate Competion

    National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) Committee

    The committee is tasked with creating a suitable design problem and a battery of questions to be used for the Irrigation Design Competition for the an annual National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) NCLC event.   Students from Universities, Colleges and Schools across the country compete in a variety of events, including irrigation design.   This is an excellent outreach program geared to college students, introducing them to ASIC and a potential career in the irrigation design industry.

    In addition to the irrigation design competition, ASIC is the lead sponsor for the Irrigation Design Workshop, taught annually by Brian Vinchesi.  Our Partners, Hunter, Toro Rain Bird and Ewing are also participants in this fun and vibrant gathering of young future professionals.

    Brian Vinchesi-Chairman
    Jim Barrett-Co-Chairman
    Aaron Smith
    Steve Hohl
    Janet Luehrs
    Tim Fredericks